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Healthy Weight 30 Day Challenge

Finally learn practical & sustainable ways to maintain a healthy weight!


Are you tired of yo-yo dieting and all the fads that don't really work? As a holistic health coach my passion is to teach you HEALTHY and sustainable ways to reach your goals and manage health challenges. No more covering up symptoms or skirting around the real problem. We deal with the ROOT CAUSE so you can achieve ideal health once and for all! Plus - it's just 30 days! Isn't that worth it to see how much this can rock your world?

The Healthy Weight Challenge is about learning new habits and learning about how your unique body works. There simply is NO one-size-fits-all perfect plan - we're all too different! So instead we'll show you a better way which includes learning how to choose clean whole foods that work for you body and lifestyle, moving your body in an appropriate way that does not add stress, changing your mindset, lifestyle adjustments that will help you sleep well and manage stress, and using essential oils and herbs to nourish your body at a cellular level.

Best of all? We do it TOGETHER! We share ideas, recipes, challenges, and wins. You'll have plenty of support and camaraderie to inspire you to live your healthiest happiest life.

So what's involved? Join our Facebook group, that's where the magic happens! This group and all the coaching/ education is FREE for all of my doTerra essential oil customers. If you already have a resource for your doTerra products you can join us for $35 payable via PayPal.

To purchase the doTerra products recommended for the Healthy Weight Challenge simply go HERE. The optional but recommended add ons can be found HERE.

Want a few more details on how this works? Just check out the Kickoff Webinar HERE!

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Three months from now you will thank yourself!

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